Exterior Concrete

Sorting Out Your Concrete Jungle

There’s nothing like the fresh, clean look of newly laid concrete. But over time, your cream-colored sidewalk begins to look less like cream and more like chocolate. Add the odd weed or mud puddle and the exterior of your business will seem as though it’s being reclaimed by nature. Enlist the help of your friendly, commercial pressure washing company in Frankfort, IN to make it look fresh once more!



The sidewalk to your business may not be adorned with a red carpet, but you still want your customers to feel appreciated when they come to your door. We can help turn back the clock on your sidewalk by erasing the marks left by years of weather.


Parking Lots

Parking lots have a hard life, dealing with cars and trucks, people, and even animals. All the grease and fluids from cars leaves its toll—not to mention the trash and scattered animal debris that can accumulate over time. Let us refresh this space for a more inviting curbside look.


Window Areas

Many businesses like yours use a drive-up window to conduct business. Worse than parking lots, these areas hold running cars as they wait and during the transaction. Our exterior power washing service in Frankfort, IN can clean up the vehicle fluids that end up staining your drive-up over time.


Dumpster Areas

Just because this area is meant for holding trash, it doesn’t mean it has to LOOK like trash! This is one of the overlooked areas that can give your business a fresher look that shows you care.

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    Get in touch to get your exterior concrete restored to its former glory. Also, feel free to ask about our host of other cleaning services we offer! Send us a message or give us a call at (765) 430-5779.

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