Roof Cleaning

From Top to Bottom

Many home and business owners don’t realize the need for roof cleaning. And depending on the roof, it may be a matter of “out of sight, out of mind.” But a lot of the issues that end up with roof leaks and the expensive job of replacing it altogether start with a roof that’s not properly maintained.

Moss, Algae, and Debris

There are plenty of ways for a roof to get to an unhealthy state. And this is particularly true for flat roofs, as they have a tendency to gather more dirt, debris, and moisture than sloped roofs. This can cause significant damage if not dealt with on a periodic basis. Dirt, moss, and algae can gradually work their way into cracks and crevices, which compromises your building. Moisture is also a huge issue, as it can quickly wear down building materials and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Let the Pros Handle it!

A lot of homeowners and business owners think this is a DIY job. But unless you have experience with roof cleaning, you should really leave it to the professionals. DIYers have cost themselves countless sums by damaging shingles and causing tears in PVC roofing (which is usually used on flat, commercial roofs).

Be Careful!

You definitely want an experienced cleaning company to deal with cleaning your siding. Especially when it comes to using a power washer, inexperience can cause damage to your building, including broken siding, chipped paint, and the unnecessary wear of bricks and mortar.

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