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The siding on your building or home is more than protection for the sensitive structure underneath. Your siding is a decorative feature that shows off the style of the overall architectural design. For business owners, keeping your building’s exterior clean is one of the many ways you show how much you’re dedicated to your customers.

Why Does Siding Get Dirty in the First Place?

As an outdoor fixture, buildings serve to protect people and property from the elements. In a sense, buildings are meant to get dirty! Anything from dirt, leaves, and animal debris to car exhaust and other pollutants can cause your siding to look less than fresh.

Mold & Mildew

After a long period of contact with moisture and plant residue, mold or mildew can form on your siding. Over time, it can creep into cracks and crevices and cause damage to the structure of your building. Having mold and mildew periodically removed can prevent this damage from occurring.

Be Careful!

You definitely want an experienced cleaning company to deal with cleaning your siding. Especially when it comes to using a power washer, inexperience can cause damage to your building, including broken siding, chipped paint, and the unnecessary wear of bricks and mortar.

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